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Where Can I Buy Shrink Wrap/Film?

Check out some recommended retailers in the UK on ‘Where Can I Buy A’ to find your Shrink Wrap, Film, or Plastic.

Shrink Wrap/Film is used for packing products up like boxes, CDs, food, photographs, frames etc. to sell in shops.

Shrink Wrap or sometimes known as Shrink Film, can be used to create and make your own jewellery pieces such as rings, bracelet and necklaces, great for making cards and for use in many art and craft projects.

You simply create a picture or design on your A4 size piece of film, which is available in a number of different colours or use white or clear film. You can print your design from a computer, free hand or use stamps. Once your design is created and has been coloured and completed, you then place it carefully into an oven for a couple of minutes.  You design will shrink to less than 50% of the original size that you first put into the oven.   If you want any holes in the design please do this before it goes into the oven.

Shrink Wrap is available in many different lengths, widths and thickness, and also different Shrink Wraps are available for different projects.

Please check you have the correct Shrink Wrap/Film and follow and read all the instructions that are provided with you Shrink Wrap etc., as the use of the hot oven and your hot product that comes out of the oven can cause serious burns.

Where Can I Buy Shrink Wrap/Film..


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