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Where Can I Buy a Pinata ?


The increasingly popular party game using a Pinata which is a container often made from papier mache, pottery or cloth, it is decorated and filled with small sweets, candy, small gifts or both, and then broken as part of a celebration.

Originally associated with Mexico, but known to have similar traditions in other parts of the world. It is used in a religious celebration as well as a seasonal celebration.

You usually find them in a figure of an animal, but now available in other shapes, they are suspend them from a height and blindfold the adult or child who is participating, provide them with a stick or pole and they have to try and hit the Pinata and break it open.  This can take some effort depending what it is made from and who is trying to smash it down.

Keep well away from the person with the stick as they know they need to hit it hard, but because they are blindfolded they are disorientated and can be facing the wrong way when swinging there stick.

Enjoy and have fun.   Where Can I Buy A Pinata ?


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