Where Can I Buy Mistletoe…


Wanting to purchase your Mistletoe in time for Christmas, why not take a look at Where Can I Buy A … website to find a reliable and recommended supplier.

Mistletoe grows on a wide range of host trees, it is a parasite plant that attaches itself to the branches. It is known as the plant sprig that people kiss beneath during the Christmas  season. The custom dates back to pagan times when, according to legend, the plant was thought to inspire passion and increase fertility.

Mistletoe has since acquired a reputation for the use in herbal remedies. It has been used in medicine as a digestive aid, heart tonic and sedative. It is known to be used by alternative medicine practitioners as  a treatment for various forms of cancer.

Please read and follow all instructions when buying, as what may suit one person does not suit us all. It is important to keep mistletoe out of the reach of children as it is poisonous and causes gastric problems, diarrhea and a low pulse.

Where Can I Buy Mistletoe …


Check out the following sites for Mistletoe :

Triangle Nursery

Mistletoe is always available on the wholesale flower market in the run up to Christmas.

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British grown Mistletoe for Christmas! Dispatched next day delivery for just 70p Postage cost!


Buy Online

All our prices include service, next day delivery and VAT We accept orders for next week day delivery up until 5pm

Various Prices

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