Where Can I Buy a Kitten

Before buying a Kitten there are lots of decisions to be made and questions to answer to make sure its a suitable pet.  Can my home be made car friendly and no escape holes for a kitten to escape. Do you live on a busy road? It could be a house cat you need if the answer is yes. Can you afford to look after a Kitten that grows rapidly into a cat, its food, it litter tray, equipment for play etc. You need to pay vaccinations and medicines.

You now need to find a reputable breeder, you may have been recommended a breeder, you need to check the breeder out before purchasing a kitten, visit them and make sure your happy with the breeding standards. Ask to see the parent cats if you can, if they are not available to see ask where are they from. You only want to find the best suitable pet for you and the family so they should be willing  to help you.

Where Can I Buy A Kitten …


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