How Important is Customer Service to a Business?

Without a good Customer Service Department in your business you are more than likely going to come across some problems.  The customer service department is as vital to a business as the new sales department, retaining your customer base is a vital part of any business model.

It’s also essential that the Customer Service Department is well aware of all your products and business knowledge and kept up to date with any changes. Without this they are not able to understand customer problems when they arise.

When you get a customer who is annoyed and frustrated on the other end of the phone and you are able to confidently provide a solution or answer to his problem, or if it means you have taken all the details from them and are going to look into it for them and return his call. You have not resolved the problem but you have taken control of the situation and you have been confident and well mannered. This is without doubt the best policy, and not everyone is able to provide this type of Customer Service.

One of the qualities a good Customer Service needs is to keep their cool and be as positive as possible in all situations. They need to be able to communicate clearly to customers keeping conversations simple and leave nothing to doubt, requiring good clear communication skills.  Making sure they keep their patience and are very good at listening. Sometimes reading between the lines and work out what customers are trying to tell you, remembering not everyone is confident and able to speak well on the phone, or convey their message via mail and get to the point. You can attract a lot of return business by offering excellent customer service, a recent example is MacWard Minibus Hire they have based their business model on customer service and returning customers!

When you call Customer Service you want to hear a confident positive person on the other end of the phone, or a quick response to your e mail message, that tells you that they are in control and can help you.  You may need to let somebody down as their product is not available or you are unable to fix it, but be positive and suggest another product or a refund if that is possible.

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