Choosing a Laptop

When deciding to buy a laptop you have numerous options to consider, from the initial price to the make and the ever changing models that are available today. This can be a very daunting prospect

The biggest mistake we make when choosing a laptop is buying one that has too many functions and various specifications that we don’t use  or don’t need them,  so we need to do our homework first and choose carefully.

The manufacturers of laptops available are too big a list to mention them all  from Acer, Asus, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Google, HP to mention a few. You need to go and see them at a shop and see which suits you first.  The keyboard may not have an additional numerical board which you want.  It may be too light to touch and you are heavy handed. Even the size of the screen and keyboard has to be considered.

So once you have decided if the laptop is for day to day tasks like searching the web, word-processing and picture editing or for editing large files and films and playing games. The next question is where are you going to use your laptop? A laptop that you carry to work and use as a portable device or a stay at home laptop that you use as a desktop computer replacement.

The price you wish to pay will dictate which you eventually choose so always consider this when looking around. Do you want to buy follow on support from one of the big computer shops so that you always have help on the other end of the phone, they provide excellent service and support but this is extra money you will need to consider.

Cheap laptops – a great purchase for the first time buyer of a laptop who wants the basics and just to complete everyday tasks.  These you will find a bit bulky and not as portable as the newest models but will suit those on a budget and novices.

Desktop replacement laptop will have a larger screen and not as portable and should find them comparable to desktop PCs in terms of power and features. Most suited for a laptop to use at home.

Ultraportable laptops is what it says and are thin and light the same specification as the ultrabooks, this is probably best used as an additional laptop rather than one that is used out and about. Suited for  anyone needing power in a portable sized laptop and on the go.

Family laptop used by all member s of the family for homework, gaming, emailing, sharing photos and going on line. The medium sized screen allows it to be portable from rooms within the home and not very suited for carrying around.  Suited for the family that has a budget to keep to.

Multi media laptops for playing games and watching films editing videos and listening to music.  They have a good size screen which makes them not as portable as you would like. Suited for the film and gaming fans who are happy to stay at home with their laptop,