9 benefits to decluttering your home

It is so easy to find yourself sitting in a home full of…well, stuff. You don’t know how it got there or what is buried deep in those cupboards, all you know is that you’re surrounded and you’re not sure what by. It can seem a daunting task, and sometimes we’re talking about years and years worth of clutter. But the benefits that stand to be gained from sorting through your home are huge.

1. Make some money

It’s never been so easy to sell any unwanted items. There are all sorts of apps and websites that make it so simple to list anything you may not need or want, but might be right up someone else’s street. A little extra pocket money sometimes goes a long way.

2. Give to charity

Your junk could be another person’s treasure, and if you don’t want to bother with selling off your items then there are plenty of local charities that may be able to take your clutter off your hands.

3. Re-discover things you forgot you had

There is nothing better than stumbling across a forgotten photo album or a book you once loved. Careful though, it’s easy to get distracted and find yourself sat down on the sofa flicking through what you’ve found!

4. Sense of achievement

Being able to step back and appreciate what you’ve done is priceless. It is such a valuable use of time and will leave you with an intense feeling of accomplishment. Well worth the effort and a weekend well spent, not wasted.

5. Get organised

There is nothing worse than knowing you need to find one specific thing in your home and not being able to remember what surface you put it on and when, and it is always when you are in a rush! Decluttering gets you organised and clear on what goes where.

6. Deep clean – germs and pests

There could well be something lurking deep in the mess that is causing you health problems. Particularly those with Asthma, dust is definitely not your friend. Getting rid of your rubbish makes it easier to keep your home clean which can only be good for your health.

7. Lost letters

Bills are boring, but sometimes there is important information in those letters that are stacking up. It may not be exciting, but it keeps you on top of things which can only be good for your livelihood.

8. Never buy things twice

Decluttering may throw up things you’ve been buying, again and again, thinking you didn’t already have it in the house. If you bought it already, use it!

9. House proud

Remember that blind panic you used to feel when someone would drop by without notice, or an engineer need to visit to fix your broadband? Quickly followed by the mad rush around the house shoving anything rogue out of sight…Knowing your home is spic and span remove the terror this brings.

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