5 Advantages Of Glass Office Partitions

Nowadays, modern commercial premises are designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of businesses. Retail parks and industrial parks, while they may differ slightly on the outside, internally they’re a blank canvas ready to morph into whatever layouts their new residents need: call centres, distribution warehouses, garden centres, furniture outlets, restaurant chains, or home to various small companies all under one roof. Unlike industrial-era buildings built from brick and stone, these open-plan premises can be easily divided up into workspaces and offices by using partitions. It’s as straightforward as having the mobile crane hire and contract lifting people at the ready to help transform the space. But what type of partition is best: glass or normal partitions? One point that springs to mind is that most people probably think glass is more expensive. Architects and fancy law firms always seem to have stylish glass offices, don’t they? Let’s take a look at five advantages glass partitions has over standard material and you can decide for yourself.


Feel good in style

Style isn’t just reserved for corporate giants. Though, there’s a reason architects and law firms choose the contemporary chic appearance of glass partitions: they look expensive and it makes a good impression on their clients. As the saying goes, image is everything. Like wearing a designer suit, when something looks good it makes you feel good. Looking good and feeling good exudes success, and success attracts more success. Besides glass partitions being good for business, it’s scientifically proven that natural light enhances moods. So a point goes to glass for its ability to make you feel good in style.


Create space, lose the noise

We spend much of our life at work, and when work is an office with four walls, it’s easy for cabin fever to set in. Yet, there still seems to be some conflict amongst managers: some think their staff are better separated and out of sight from their co-workers, others think they’re better all together like one big happy family. Well, the former are probably dinosaurs, an old-school dying breed. You only need to look at how today’s leading companies operate. Apple, Microsoft and Facebook don’t segregate their people. The fact is, nobody likes to feel cooped up all day. We all know free range hens lay more eggs. Glass partitions are perfect for dividing a space into workstations and offices without losing the feeling of space, especially in smaller premises. And while many open-plan spaces tend to echo and magnify the humdrum of activity, offices created from double glazed glass partitions are soundproof.


Choice: private or open

There will always be times when a little privacy is needed, and another advantage glass partitions have over normal ones is that you can choose whether you want to be seen or not. Glass partitions come in a choice of colours and style, frosted, plain or a combination. You can also fit blinds and draw them closed whenever you need to. However, a solid partition leaves you with little choice.


Flexible and mobile

Regardless of whether your commercial building is a converted listed property gutted to the bare bones, or an empty industrial unit, glass partitions can be used to show prospective tenants what layouts are possible – just the way a housing developer stages a show home. The emphasis is on highlighting the space’s flexibility; limiting layouts are a huge turnoff to many businesses. Demonstrating how versatile your premises are is a huge advantage over your competitors. Also, many companies use exhibitions to network, promote their services and attract new clients. Glass partitions are easy to dismantle and take on the road, allowing businesses to maintain a corporate image anywhere.


Save money, time, and the planet

It seems that many eco-friendly products cost more, or at least the initial investment is higher. Solar panels are one example. The advantage of using glass partitions is that they disperse natural light. More natural light equals less paid for light, and that’s good for both your pocket and the planet. However, solid walls do the exact opposite. Glass partitions also work out cheaper than normal ones made from materials like brick, wood and plasterboard; nails, screws, brackets and touch-up paint are all extras, then there’s the mess involved in constructing them. Installing glass partitions is clean and quick. They can be lifted into place easily. A contract lifting crew can carry or winch them in, or if you’re high up, a mobile crane hire company, it will still be cheaper than a team of messy builders.